1.0 Voicemail

Hello – My name is (your name) and I work for a company that specializes in making cash offers on homes.  We have actually ran comps in your area and would like to make you a cash offer for the property located at (property address). So upon receiving this message, please give me a call back at 214-571-7714 (repeat number). My name again is (your name) and I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

1.5 Sales Script

Hello my name is (your name) and I work with a company that specializes in purchasing homes for cash. Would you happen to own the property located at (mention address)? 

If Yes 

Perfect! Well (homeowner name) we’ve ran comps in your area and we would like to make you a cash offer. 

What we do is pretty straight forward:

  • We simply schedule a time to come out to do a quick walk through of the property which includes us taking pictures
  • We then re-run the comps and provide you a FAIR WRITTEN OFFER
  • If you accept our OFFER we will manage the entire process and get you closed in as little as 10 days or at a time that works best for you.  

I have a (Day of Week) at (Time of Day) available. Will this time work for you? There is no obligation to accept it but at least you would know your options if you choose to sell.

If Yes: See Qualifying Questions Below

2.0 Qualifying Questions

  1. Have you made any recent updates to the property such as put on a new roof, added new paint or floors, and if so how long ago was it?
  2. What would be your asking price for your property?

3.0 Close

Ok, great we have you schedule for (mention date and time). You will be meeting with Mark Drake who spend about 30 minutes assessing your home and taking pictures. Feel free to contact him at 214-668-3059 if anything changes, ok?

Thank you and have a great day!

4.0 Value Proposition

  1. We buy homes fast. We can have the contract in your hand within 10 days or less.
  2. Depending on your property we can give you up to 100% of it’s total value or more.
  3. No Game or Gimmicks just 100% cash offer.