Prospecting Script

Access the FanTouch Solutions prospecting call script which includes rebuttals, FAQs and appointments.

Schedule Appointment

Here is a quick link to the FanTouch Solutions Appointment Scheduler. Simply click to access. 

FanTouch CRM 

Access the FanTouch Solutions CRM. Here you can make calls, send emails, text messages and more. 

FanTouch ROI Calculator

Access the FanTouch ROI Calculator to provide clients an opportunity to see their ROI before getting started. 

FanTouch Video Conference

Access the FanTouch Solutions Team video conference for training and team meetings. 

FanTouch Demo Deck

Access the FanTouch Solutions Demo Deck. Here you will be able to walk prospects though out system. 

FanTouch Client Portal

Here you are able to access the FanTouch Client Portal to upload leads to the system.

FanTouch Training Doc

Here you will be able to access training documents that can be used for reference & support.

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