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Specializing in Helping You Turn Your Prospects Into Customers. 

Experience The Difference

We have a proven track record for getting client results.

With a combined 30 plus years of experience in sales, marketing, business development and operations, the FanTouch Solutions team understands what it takes to grow your business on and offline. We focus on your bottom line and work towards building and executing a plan that ensures you the highest return on your invest (ROI). We are committed to your success and care about your end result.

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If you are experiencing these post lead issues we are the perfect fit! 

You Generate The Leads And We Will Handle All The Post Lead Activity.

No Time To Allocate Towards Lead Management

Not enough hours in the day and focused on other key drivers of the business

No Sytemized Way To Approach Lead Management

Most people have zero desire to pick up phone to make calls therefore the follow up never happens

No Resources To Allocate Towards Lead Management

No budget or personnel in place to handle managing post lead activity

Lack Of Lead Management Consistency

No long term commitment to post lead activity therefore $ is being thrown out the window daily resulting into competitors winning over your customers.

Few businesses can survive without a steady flow of qualified inquiries.

Lead generation is vital for most businesses

We help businesses attract and nurture valuable business leads.

Key Benefits

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Save Time

We take on the entire process of managing your leads, scheduling and communicating your value proposition, and positioning. All of this to give you time to focus on closing more deals versus spending valuable time chasing down prospects.

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Expand Your Salesforce

Before making a single call our Business Development Reps (BDR’s) work with you to understand your business goals and objectives. We are not here just to schedule meetings, but to also serve as an extension of your sales team, providing a professional and personal representation of your company’s brand.

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Cost Effective Solution

Outsourcing your lead management not only reduces cost on recruitment, training and infrastructural development, but it also positions you to generate new revenue opportunities that strengthens your bottom line.

Our Company

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FanTouch offers ‘Follow-Up As A Service’ (faas) as our signature service to establish face to face and virtual appointments.

 As a multi-channel marketing firm we help businesses of all sizes capture their audience through highly strategic marketing campaigns that increase your clientele and expedite your company’s growth. 

General Questions

Business Account Managers are extensively trained on your business, industry, culture, and protocols before making a single contact attempt. Their effectiveness grows with each prospect engagement and customer served.

Yes, we guarantee in-depth communication and 100% transparency regarding your campaign and account activity.We operate with your best interest in mind. 

We understand that life happens ,and if there is a need for you to reschedule a prospect meeting simply contact your Account Manager and they will contact the prospect to reschedule for the next available time. 

Our goal is to ensure that we set only high quality appointments, however if we fall short and a prospect fails to show for a meeting we first review each touch-point (call recording, email, SMS etc.) to verify that the proper expectations were set for the meeting. Based on our findings we contact the prospect with the goal to reschedule the meeting. 

Yes. Once you are provided CRM access you will be able to review all calls recordings and account notes 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

We do offer long term benefits by way of 3, 6 and 12 month options, however under certain circumstances you do have the option to utilize our services on a as needed basis. 

FanTouch Solutions exists for the sole purpose of ensuring the continued growth and success of your business.

We strategize with each client to fully understand their needs and then tailor a specific plan of action to maximize returns on their marketing investment. If you are looking for a simple, highly effective turnkey marketing solution you have found it. 

Latest Projects

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Real Estate Investment Firm

Developed Wholesale Campaign For Homeowner Prospects

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New & Used Car Dealership

Developed Campaign To Focus On Service Center Sales

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Digital Marketing Agency

Established Campaign Focused On Existing Client Engagement

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